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DatingAnyone.com and SingleStat.us

Two interesting “MySpace Services” that have popped up in the last week are called SingleStat.us and DatingAnyone.com.

singlestatus.gifThe goal of each is to inform users when other MySpacers become single. Each have some interesting features. SingleStat.us, for example, allows you to see who others have been checking. DatingAnyone.com allows you to import your entire friends list and then see, which of them are single (although that feature seems to be very slow).

datinganyone.pngI’m particularly interested in these two endeavors because I’ve been drafting up something somewhat similar. I’ve been in discussion with a couple of different programmers to this point but did not proceed with any coding as of yet. I think my idea would be complementary to either of these efforts – but I think it would have a larger user base and I think the name is much better.

Still, I’d be happy to try and figure out how to work with either group. But I wouldn’t just be getting involved for fun – I actually have a business model behind my idea. I’d also be looking for a formal business agreement (and obviously, we could find out what that could look like).

If you are part of the SingleStat.us or the DatingAnyone.com team, please contact me. I’d like to learn more about your vision and see if we might be able to work together. I’d also be intersted in talking with others who might want to learn more about my project.

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