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Creation on the iPad is the Exception, Not the Norm

Yes, so the iPad can be used to create…but is that it’s primary use by most consumers? How many media apps are there for the iPad compared to apps focused on creativity? Do content creation apps have 300,000+ downloads? That’s what the top iPad apps-focused on content consumption-are doing.

Just because a talented artist can paint some interesting works of art does not mean that the iPad is about creating content. The average person is not creating content with the iPad. They’re reading, browsing, watching, and exploring. At best, average folks are re-mixing content on the iPad but only the digerati are using it for any substantial creativity.

Of course, creative people will always find ways to use tools creatively. So, there should be no surprise that’s occurring with the iPad. But it simply does not counter the notion that for the most part, the iPad, in its current existence, is about consumption.

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