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Crash Course on Blogging - December 19th

Hosted at The Leadership Institute
December 19th, 7-9:30 PM

Are you a Washington, D.C., metro area non-profit organization ready to take the plunge into blogging? Are you confused, skeptical, or outright frustrated with the process?

Then Crash Course on Blogging is exactly what you need. This two-and-a-half hour seminar will demystify the technical and social aspects of blogging and get you on your way to increasing traffic to your static web site and connecting with current donors and would-be donors.

Reaching out to online users is more important than ever, and Crash Course on Blogging will provide your organization with the essentials to understand the blogging phenomenon and how a blog can enhance your online presence. So mark your calendars for December 19th and join blogging and technology experts La Shawn Barber and Ken Yarmosh (me) for this information-packed seminar.

Audience and Focus
In the non-profit world, blogs can help organizations really connect with donors. Unlike traditional online and print media, blogs allow non-profits to do more than simply inform donors of recent happenings, success stories, or upcoming events. Blogs foster and encourage regular interaction and help build consistent readership. They offer the power of the story, the most effective communication tool you have.

While this particular seminar will be aimed at non-profits, many of the concepts presented will be applicable to those in other spaces. This seminar will examine blogs from both a conceptual and technical standpoint, answering the “whys” and “hows” of blogging. Attendees will get an insider’s view from two experience business bloggers, each speaking to their particular areas of expertise.

A brief overview of the material that will be covered:

La Shawn Barber of The Language Artist answers the ‘whys’ of blogging

  • Connecting with donors, both past, present, and future
  • Building readership and increasing site traffic
  • Nearly free marketing and publicity
  • Examining Case Studies
  • And more!

Ken Yarmosh of TECHNOSIGHT answers the ‘hows’ of blogging

  • Demystifying blogging jargon
  • Demonstrating the ease of ‘one-click’ publishing
  • Presenting blogging platform alternatives
  • Identifying Best Practices
  • And more!

The event will be hosted at The Leadership Institute. The cost is $35, which will give you 2+ hours of expert advice and priceless tips, as well as lite refreshments.

We are keeping the sign-up process as simple as possible. Just click on the contact page and type in your name, organization, and email address in the appropriate fields. After receiving our capacity for sign-ups, I will post an update and send out invoices via email – you are not officially registered until payment is provided. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis but we encourage you to sign-up until we indicate that registration is completely closed.

Read more about La Shawn on her blog. To learn about me, simply explore this site. We look forward to seeing you there!

Update 12/12/05
The standard means for payment will be cash or check, collected at the door. Checks should be made out to TECHNOSIGHT. Exact change appreciated. If you would like to pay by credit card, please indicate so when filling out the contact form and I will send you an online invoice, payable by credit card.

You must fill out the contact form and receive confirmation from me or you are not guaranteed a spot!

Directions available on The Leadership Institute website.

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