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Corante Network Launched

From the world’s first blog media company comes a new effort to gather some of today’s leading voices to articulate the unfoldings in the worlds of Marketing, Media, and Web. Enter The Corante Network.

The cat is out of the bag and one of the exciting news items I’ve alluded to over the last month is now up and running. The Corante Web Hub is “your starting point for keeping abreast of the best writing and thinking on the forces and factors impacting the Web and where it’s headed.”

How does the Corante Web Hub work?
The hubs are powered by a group of Corante Network Contributors and utilize a couple of different technologies in order to aggregate their voices onto one page. This model allows posts to come directly from the contributors’ blogs, meaning that you receive unedited straight talk from industry analysts, technology developers, consultants, and the like.

I’ve not only joined as one of the 15+ contributors to this network, I am also humbled to inform you that I am the Editor for the Corante Web Hub. When you look at the list of contributors, you’ll know why I feel this way. I read many of these bloggers on a regular basis. They are extremely bright from all angles and add significant talking points to the discussion.

As the Editor, I have a dedicated space to synthesize and highlight various ideas both inside and outside the hub. I’ll do my best to tie themes together and paint a pretty Web 2.0 picture that you can hang on your refrigerator.

Over at the Web hub, you can download an OPML file for all the contributors’ feeds or subscribe to the megafeed (or the Editor’s feed ;-D ) via RSS or email. Go check it out.

Also, take a look at several other announcement posts from fellow contributors, including Stowe Boyd, Jim McGee, and Nancy White.

What does this new role mean to my readers?
I enjoy writing and plan to continue with business as usual on my blog. A dream since my grad schools days has been to be a full-time writer. This gig is not a fulfillment of that hope but it is a step in the right direction. And one of my new ‘services’, pending the re-launch of my site, will be to market myself as freelance writer/analyst, who examines the web, the Internet, and telecom (yes, telecom, I have a M.S.E. in Telecommunications and Computer Networks).

Thank You
A special thanks to my readers, peers, and the Corante folks who have made this opportunity possible. Without your affirmation, links, and feedback, my blog would have remained in obscurity! Please stick with me on this next journey, I am sure it will be an exciting one.

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