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Copernic Desktop Search

I installed Copernic Desktop Search on one of my laptops recently. I previously had tried Google Desktop but uninstalled it after a week.

This tool is quickly becoming a must-have for me. If you are an Outlook or client-based e-mail user, it’s going to save you significant time finding old e-mails. And that’s coming from someone who actually keeps his e-mail inbox relatively clean and organized.

Copernic also allows users to distinguish what type of items they are searching for – e-mail, files (documents, spreadsheets, etc.), music, photos, etc.

After installing it, I had one meeting and by the time I returned (less than an hour), it appeared to have completely indexed my machine.

One of the great things about Copernic is having it hang-out in the taskbar area. You can quickly type in queries and find what you are looking for fast. Give it a try.

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