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Consumer and Developer Impacts from the iPad App Store

As a consumer my first observation about the iPad App Store was that it was frustrating to browse. On the iPhone, the App Store is mostly controlled with “flick” gestures. For example, when searching for an app, it’s easy to browse twenty-five of them at a time by quickly scrolling up or down and then touching “Twenty Five More…” The iPad offers a vastly different experience. First, the initial search results page has iPad and iPhone apps competing with each other. Secondly and more oddly, even with a much larger screen, only twelve apps at a time are presented. Seeing the second page of twelve apps requires pressing the right arrow. With the iPhone App Store, it is possible to flick down to view the first set of twenty-five apps along with the second set. The iPad paradigm of arrows necessitates that only twelve apps only ever be present on the screen, with considerable effort required to move from page to page.

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