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Combining Technology: Linkblog and RSS

Today, I added a behind the scenes feature to the site, which will help with the management of the NEW INTERNET PRESS section on our homepage.

To this point, I updated this section via HTML code. There were two major problems with this approach:

  1. Everyday, I manually made changes to our code and then re-uploaded our file onto my server.
  2. Since I wanted to keep the number of news items under ten, I lost older stories in making room for the new ones.

I understood what I was looking for – dynamic content that could be easily tracked for historical purposes.

The answer dawned on me rather quickly, I needed to combine two different technologies to help meet these goals. My solution involved subscribing to my own linkblog via RSS.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “linkblog”, it is a blog whose sole purpose is to help people keep track of URLs they find interesting. Unlike traditional blogs, linkblogs will not include much more text than a title and a link of interest.

What you now see under the “NEW INTERNET PRESS” section of my homepage is a dynamic RSS feed of news items I find interesting. Enjoy.

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