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Christine Chan on the iPhone 5

It’s almost been a week since the launch of the iPhone 5 and Christine Chan had some great initial insights on her experience with Apple’s latest device:

Five rows of apps: I had perfected my 4S home screen, but having an extra row available really changes things. I am now able to have four more incredibly useful apps on my home screen, which means less taps to access them. I’m a bit of a home screen junkie, so I definitely appreciate having the extra space.

This change is more significant than people might suspect. For example, every time I pick up a 4S/4, I’m surprised by how small it feels. That’s similar to when I use an Android device for a while and come back to the iPhone. My recommendation is to put your newest apps at the very top of the screen, since muscle memory would have trained you to typically not tap there.

Headphone jack: I like it on the bottom. Why? Now, if you have headphones plugged in and are snapping photos, the cord will not interfere with your images. I also slide my phone into my pocket with the screen facing inward, and the top of the phone goes in first. Now I won’t have to fumble around with the cord since it will be near the pocket opening, and my phone will be ready to use in my hand the moment it comes out. It’s just natural.

The Galaxy Nexus has a similar setup but with the wider screen, I don’t find it as annoying. For the iPhone 5, I find the bottom headphone jack makes it much harder to use the keyboard at the same time the EarPods are connected. I do agree, however, that it feels more natural when putting the phone in your pocket.

**Lightning: **I was definitely surprised at how small this new plug actually is…and I love the fact that the Lightning cable is now androgynous, so that it can be plugged in both ways. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out which way is the proper way to plug in your iPhone!

I’m really liking Lightning. I have four cables in total. The one that came with the iPhone 5 is at the office. Then, I bought one for the car, one for my bag, and one for the house. No adapters required!

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