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Central Desktop Live - Low Cost Alternative to Web Meetings

If you do web meetings with any regularity, you may want to give Central Desktop Live a try. From my research, they probably offer one of the lowest monthly fees on the market (in consideration of the feature set provided). Central Desktop Live is available at $35/month, whereas GoToMeeting goes for $49.00/month (WebEx recently followed suit, providing a similar offering at the same monthly rate).

For those who work with software or technology for a living, I highly encourage you to begin utilizing tools like Central Desktop Live, GoToMeeting, or WebEx. There is no better way to show what your software can do then to *actually show what your software can do. *

The old saying applies – a picture is worth a thousand words. A demo of your product or service to a potential client can really help them understand the value of your technology. And with tools like Central Desktop Live, you don’t even need to jump on a plane to do that.

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