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SlimTimer – Webtop Time-tracking

I’ve reviewed a number of time-trackers in the past but none of them took advantage of the webtop like SlimTimer does.

Richard White – previously of Kiko – has developed an easy time-tracking tool with SlimTimer. But the main reason I’ve switched to using it is that he implemented a Bubble module.

Time-tracking is one of those things that is a pain to do. And one of the reasons is that it’s simply difficult to remember all that you’ve done in one day. But if there was a way to keep your time-tracker with you all the *time, *it potentially could be more useful.

That’s a great benefit of the webtop – bringing applications closer to you. You don’t have to access them solely in the browser or even give them a place on the taskbar. Check out the ST Bubble module in action below:


Robin Good Remixes the TechCrunch Web 2.0 Documentary

Robin Good decided that 1/8 of the recent TC Web 2.0 Documentary was worthwhile:

Couldn’t I remix and edit this video into my own version of what was really meaningful for me and my audiences?

Isn’t that what the Web 2.0 spirit is all about?

I then decided to take humble self-permission to follow the very advice that IS inside that video documentary, and as a my Robin Good name warrants, I took all the time needed to capture, re-encode, edit and republish the whole video into my own 3-minute remix of what I think, is the best from Michael Arrington great video effort.

I think it’s a valuable effort but even with 3-minutes there are still too many buzzwords and generalities to make it digestible to the non-tech savvy crowd…but I’ll let you decide.

Widgetbox – Widget Management

WidgetboxAs Richard MacManus opined, Widgets are the New Black. Widgets are particularly popular within social networks and on blog sidebars, extending the reach of news, websites, and product of services. But as Paul Kedrosky notes, “I like the idea of syndicating functionality via widgets, but without being tied directly to either ads or merchant programs it’s not clear to me how you get paid for doing it.”

That’s an interesting point because as I browsed through Widgetbox, a new widget management service currently in private beta, I saw a specific category called Money Makers, which contained widgets that potentially could earn bloggers, MySpacers, and others money.

The Widgetbox strategy is pretty smart. Essentially,they provide both a platform for developers to create widgets and a directory for widget fans to find them. But one of the potential problems with Widgetbox is that many of today’s cooler web services are developing custom widgets as part of their viral marketing strategies. Or in some instances widgets are their entire strategy, as in the case with Favorite Thingz (check out Mashable’s review).

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Yutter Goes Down Hard

It seems the RSS to e-mail service Yutter is down for the count and potentially out of luck. I just surfed over there to play some more with their service, only to see the notice below:

That’s especially interesting to me because I was evaluating SteadFast Networks as a potential replacement for DreamHost (after recent issues). Looks like they are off the list. What a mess.

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Meez – the Next Teen Addiction

meezMeez is an online tool to create a personalized version of your virtual self. Perfect for the vain MySpace crowd, who check their personal profiles 18 billion times per day, always tweaking their “digital persona”.

I spent about 20 minutes on the site creating different identities for myself. Most styles, accessories, and backgrounds are free but certain ones cost Beenz (you can get 50 Beenz for $5). Considering the sheer number of choices available, I wasn’t compelled to buy a Yankees jersey or a background of the Washington Monument.

Still, Meez could easily be the next teen addiction. Now, they will just have to come up with a more compelling way to get users to buy Beenz. Here is one of the meez I created:

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