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Small Businesses Need to Harness the Internet

I’ve just been too swamped to call in for my small business Ultimate Small Business Marketing System over the last two courses. I’m now making an effort to go through the material – thankfully, John provides digital downloads, including audio files.

The most recent course is called Harness the Internet. First off, I’ve got to applaud John on largely being on the cutting edge when it comes to this topic – but he’s not harping on SEO or blogs just for the sake of being buzz compliant. John is much too practical for that.

No, he has seen first hand the power of the Internet, especially when it comes to small businesses.

Take for example, his own efforts. His Small Business Marketing Blog Channel consists of experts in the world of small business marketing. Through that blog, he has made his site a definitive resource for those around the web who want to know more about small business marketing.

John was also quite strategic in building his online presence. Prior to creating his site, he did extensive keyword research. John notes that “[g]etting your website found by Internet surfers is one of the most important reasons for creating a website.” Do a search on small business marketing and see who comes up first – John knows what he is talking about and definitely practices what he preaches.

With limited resources, small businesses seriously need to harness the Internet. The web gives small businesses more bang for their buck. As is the point with this particular teleseminar, the Internet can provide a system to help small businesses be more efficient, productive, and strategic with their time. Definitely worth the investment. 

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Educating Potential Clients

As many of you know, the TECHNOSIGHT website and this blog in particular is essentially my virtual office and gateway to potential clients, colleagues, partners, and those interested in learning or following the latest technology trends. I have to admit that I have been amazed at the success I’ve had as a consultant simply because of the interest and readership via my blog.

One of the reasons I have had relative success is that my blog is used as a tool to educate people and to instill trust in them about my abilities as a consultant. When someone thinks about Ken Yarmosh, I want them to be assured that they will get the absolute best access to today’s technology insight – my blog has been a way to display my expertise.

During the second 3-week session of John Jantsch’s Ulitmate Marketing System, we started off by examining what he likes to call a marketing kit. The goal of the marketing kit is tightly related to the underlying motivation of my blog – to educate prospective clients about your business acumen.

John describes a marketing kit as “a collection of carefully crafted individual pages of information that help you present the best possible case for why a prospect would buy from you.” In this kit, John recommends including various pieces of information such as a case statement, difference summary, FAQ, and testimonial proof, just to name a handful of elements.

Through my reviewing of this material and considering some of my forthcoming professional developments, there are going to be some pretty substantial changes occurring in the design, layout, and content of my site and blog. Since I often do much of my work virtually, I’m going to apply many of the marketing kit principles to my web presence, ensuring it paints the best possible picture about my knowledge, skills, and experience in this space.

If you think I’ve really missed something on my site as it currently exists or have any feedback to give as I move forward with these changes, please feel free to leave a comment below.

What do I do for a living?

After the second session of my Ultimate Marketing System I took a step back from what I’ve been attempting to do through TECHNOSIGHT to ask myself, “What is it that I do for a living?”

John believes that the answer to this question is critical in communicating the real value of your service or product to your clients. It’s simply not enough to say, “we’re really good.” Without articulating how you are different from your competitors, you’ll remain part of the commodity business. Prospective clients won’t see a compelling reason to go with you over Company X.

Upon some reflection, here is how I answered this question –

I help businesses and organizations get the most out of their technology investments.

How do I do that?

By recognizing that the value behind technology is not the technology itself but the benefit it brings to users.

Those statements are definitely a work in progress – perhaps they are still a bit too vague. When I put those ideas next to my thoughts from last week (Who am I reaching?), I realized that there was a new and exciting opportunity to pursue with TECHNOSIGHT. I’ll be sharing that with you shortly.

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Who Am I Reaching?

Through my blog, I attempt to –

  1. Gain credence with my peers.

  2. Gain credence with my clients (or potential clients).

During the first session of The Ultimate Marketing System, I was challenged to think about my target market and realized that I couldn’t achieve those goals based on the organization of my blog. My writings and work really have appealed to two completely different groups but I hadn’t provided a way for each of those groups to quickly access the information that was relevant to them.

The first group that I reach out to is those in the technical or early adopter community. These are the people who are comfortable with or have a firm grasp of Web 2.0 and social software, who have subscribed to RSS feeds, and who are keeping pace with ever changing technical landscape. They visit my blog to read my analysis, to participate in my blogoposiums, or to check out my more geek-like tech tips.

On the other hand, many of my clients have no clue or care about the finer points of how to implement WordPress as a complete content management system. This second group visits my blog to be educated about technical basics, such as understanding what RSS is. These people can be more finely segmented into my typical client – the small biz – and just the “average joe” web surfer.

The result of thinking about who I reach out to, is a vastly altered sidebar and a more focused content strategy. I now consider the featured section of my blog to be my “Tech Tips”“Tech Tips and Info” section, with a category for each one of the groups I mentioned above. The day after I changed this format, I already received some good feedback.

What do you think? Am I trying to do too much on my blog? Is the new sidebar helpful? Is it easy to get the information you want?

Blogging The Ultimate Marketing System

John Jantsch is a proven leader and innovator in the small business marketing space. His Duct Tape Marketing website is a Forbes Best of the Web selection. I’ve been reading his and other blogs about small business marketing via the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel for the past several months. As an independent professional, I’ve found this advice priceless.

When I read that John was kicking off a new series – The Ultimate Marketing System – with a free teleseminar, I couldn’t resist checking it out. After one hour, I was sold and decided I wanted to participate in his 12-week program.

Soon after the initial teleseminar, I contacted John and asked if he would be okay with me blogging The Ultimate Marketing System. My idea was to not just provide a Cliffs Notes version of each session but instead to focus on what really hit home for me and how I might apply some of the program’s principles to my business. John liked the idea.

Over the next 12-weeks, I plan on doing just that – to blog The Ultimate Marketing System. I will dedicate a couple posts a week to this effort and hope to have a very lively discussion. That’s right. I am asking you to join me on this journey and am openly soliciting your feedback, opinions, and ideas. I highly encourage other small business owners, independent professionals, or marketing experts to share their thoughts.

All posts related to The Ultimate Marketing System will exist in the Ultimate Marketing category and can be found under the “Other Writings” section of my sidebar. I’ll be putting up my first official post tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!