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Capitol Hill Blogging 101 - Answering the "why" behind blogging

I am happy to announce the release of our first “Tackling Technology” technology brief entitled Capitol Hill Blogging 101 – Answering the “why” behind blogging.

The brief is three pages in length and begins with a basic introduction to blogs, followed by two answers to the “why” behind blogging. The intended audience is Capitol Hill and those who serve the public interest, however, many of the concepts presented can be applied outside that context.

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update: Download our brief .

An excerpt follows below:

The noticeable impact blogs had on the 2004 elections will pale in comparison to the influence they will have in 2006. As the premier grassroots technology, blogs are giving a voice to those once locked away in obscurity. Local issues are gaining national prominence. Bloggers are shaping public discourse and are mobilizing their respective political and ideological communities.

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