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Calling All Social Software Companies

If you are a social software company, I want to speak with you. As a regular Virtual Handshake contributor, I am helping authors David Teten and Scott Allen promote their new book The Virtual Handshake. The best part about your involvement is that it will be of great benefit and of no cost to you.

For those not familiar with The Virtual Handshake, it is the first mass market book that explains how to find your next client, your next job, or your next business partner in online networks.

What do we consider social software? David and Scott describe it as,

blogs, social networking sites, virtual communities, relationship capital management software, contact management software, and so on. “Social software” is a general term for websites and software tools which help you to discover, extend, manage, enable communication in, and/or leverage your social network.

There are a number of ways for you to partner with our efforts. By doing so, you can help promote an invaluable resource and at the same time bring better visibility to your social software product or service. I’ve listed three ways for you to get involved below:

  1. Add a profile for your company on The Virtual Handshake wiki.

  2. Take advantage of free and highly targeted advertising by submitting a coupon that will be available only to book purchasers (coupon format available upon request).

  3. Get revenue from the Amazon affiliate program. (this option available to anyone, not just social software companies).

I’ve prepared a one page informational sheet that contains the entirety of the details. If you are interested in learning more or want that sheet, please contact me.

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