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Bubbles - Refreshing the Web and Powering the Webtop

Bubbles help keep “favorite websites a click away” via the system tray. It is a client install that allows users to easily access websites and web apps outside the browser – and more specifically through “bubbles”.

Currently, Bubbles supports several different Bubble modules including ones for Google Calendar, Gmail, and Flickr. But as I will soon detail, it’s fairly easy to utilize for other websites too.

The driving force behind a bubble is that it brings the web closer to the desktop, making something like Gmail appear a bit more like a client application instead of web based (in the sense that it doesn’t have to be accessed in a browser). Utilizing a bubble is very convenient for web apps that are used often, as it doesn’t require the browser to be open.

Bubbles represent a paradigm for what could be possible in the future – a true webtop environment.

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