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Blogoposium 2 - Lessons Learned from Web 1.0

“The one thing we have learned from history is that we don’t learn from history.”

Winston Churchill

Last week, I voiced some of my concerns about Web 2.0 in a post entitled The Great Web and Web 2.0. Essentially, it spoke to the need for us to ask two questions about Web 2.0 investments – determining value propositions and business models (other than, “Buy me!”).

VCs like Fred Wilson (Web 2.0 Reactions), Rick Segal (Web 2.0!=check), and Paul Kedrosky (Blog Renamed: Infectious Greed 2.0) have also articulated some thoughts in relation to Web 2.0 feeling “bubble-ish” but they seem to be the exceptions to the rule.

Today, Kevin Burton takes a stronger stance in his Dot Bomb All Over Again?, where he writes, “A lot of the recent news around Web 2.0 is starting to frighten me. There is just too much money flying around with too much hype and too little value.”

Are we headed towards another bubble burst? I’m not certain that anyone can (consistently) predict the future with something as volatile as the web. What we can do, however, is learn from the past. We can learn from what we now call “Web 1.0″.

In my second blogoposium, I propose that we examine Lessons Learned from Web 1.0. We’ll discuss what so many dot bombs did wrong the first time around, think about the signs they missed, and hopefully come up with some “lessons learned” for all the Web 2.0 companies, investors, and VCs out there.

How to Participate

If you are confused about what a “blogoposium” is, check out the blogoposium category.

This blogoposium will run from Monday, October 17th through Wednesday, October 19th. There are several different ways to get your voice heard in this discussion:

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One final thing, I need your help! While we had an awesome turn out for the first blogoposium, I’d like to see something even better this time around – more bloggers with a larger variety of backgrounds. Please publicize the blogoposium in whatever way you see fit, so that when Monday rolls around everyone will be ready to go. Thanks and “see” you at the blogoposium!

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