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Blogging The Ultimate Marketing System

John Jantsch is a proven leader and innovator in the small business marketing space. His Duct Tape Marketing website is a Forbes Best of the Web selection. I’ve been reading his and other blogs about small business marketing via the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel for the past several months. As an independent professional, I’ve found this advice priceless.

When I read that John was kicking off a new series – The Ultimate Marketing System – with a free teleseminar, I couldn’t resist checking it out. After one hour, I was sold and decided I wanted to participate in his 12-week program.

Soon after the initial teleseminar, I contacted John and asked if he would be okay with me blogging The Ultimate Marketing System. My idea was to not just provide a Cliffs Notes version of each session but instead to focus on what really hit home for me and how I might apply some of the program’s principles to my business. John liked the idea.

Over the next 12-weeks, I plan on doing just that – to blog The Ultimate Marketing System. I will dedicate a couple posts a week to this effort and hope to have a very lively discussion. That’s right. I am asking you to join me on this journey and am openly soliciting your feedback, opinions, and ideas. I highly encourage other small business owners, independent professionals, or marketing experts to share their thoughts.

All posts related to The Ultimate Marketing System will exist in the Ultimate Marketing category and can be found under the “Other Writings” section of my sidebar. I’ll be putting up my first official post tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!

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