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Blogging ROI - A Framework

If you are a smart business owner, then you probably do things methodically. You likely try and weigh costs and risks against benefits when it comes to any new organizational initiatives.

There is no ‘quick fix’ for determining if blogging is right for you but a good starting point is answering the following questions:

What benefit(s) – if any – will blogging yield to my web efforts? How can I measure (or quantify) those benefits?

Charlene Li provides a nice framework for thinking through blog strategy or more specifically on how to calculate the ROI of blogging:

“…simply divide the benefits by the costs + risks to arrive at the ROI. The key is what to use it for – it’s not enough, I believe, to use the ROI calculation only to justify a blog. It should also be used to manage and optimize the performance of the blog on an ongoing basis.”

This research adds valuable insight to help business and organizations approach blogging strategically. Calculating blog ROI can be a ‘gut check’ to evaluate if blogging is right for you.

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