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Blogging Basics

I’d like to announce the official opening of the TECHNOSIGHT wiki. The purpose of this wiki is to create a knowledge-base for the New Internet, detailing and defining its technology, best practices, uses, and more.

The success of this wiki is very much dependent on you! Both the content and the maintenance of the wiki will very much be in the hands of those who care about the progression of the New Internet.

From some recent stats, we’ve seen that a large number of Internet users are still unaware or confused about the New Internet. With your help, we can develop an extraordinary educational tool that will reduce the confusion surrounding blogs, RSS, and wikis.

We’ve begun the wiki by examining some blogging basics, asking pertinent questions for those who are looking to get on the blogging bandwagon. Taking a quick survey of blogging platforms, we put together the following diagram for all the visual learners out there:

Get going, the New Internet needs your help!

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