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Blog Realignment Complete

Depending on the mileage of a car, it might need a realignment. Well, my blog has been getting a lot more mileage to it lately and it was time for its realignment. It’s humming once again.

Brady and Brody Vercher – the dynamic duo team soon to officially launch their new effort Blazer Six – refreshed the site building off the work they did in December 2005. By all accounts, it’s quite snazzy.

In particular, they’ve highlighted the main three entries of my site and also given more clarity to my sidebar and footer.

On a related note, you might have noticed that I’ve moved my site from the ‘/blog’ subdirectory to the top-level domain. Brady wrote a .htaccess script redirecting all links to their correct location – so nothing was broke in the process. It’s making my life much easier, as I don’t have to manage the main site anymore.

I really hope that those of you stuck in your RSS reader will come on over to the site to check it out now and on a more regular basis. Feedback is most welcome, as this work may be part 1 of 2 to the realignment.

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