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BBS05 - Dave Taylor and "Findability"

The BBS05 got off to a great start with Dave Taylor. He presented a most excellent session today, providing attendees with a crash course on Business Blogging – those in attendance got more than their money’s worth.

Probably the most interesting idea Dave spoke about, in relations to both blogging and RSS, is what he calls findability.

What exactly does “findability” mean? The crux of findability, as Dave describes it, relates to how easy a business’ product or service can be found. Blogs and RSS are keys to successful findability – each of them assist in disseminating content quickly and easily, making a business more visible to the most important of people, potential customers.

Thus at the end of the day, content is still king. Quality content establishes expertise and assists in SEO, making a business more recognizable both off and online.

Check out Dave’s Intuitive Life blog and read more about the Business Blog Summit.

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