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BBS05 - Corporate Policy and Strategy

Rebecca Blood and Matthew Oliphant were two of the better presenters of the BBS. Each of them brought their A game, when addressing both the policy and strategy approaches to the realm of blogging.

Rebecca provided a whirlwind of information, in bite-sized bullets –

  • Policy is separate from strategy
  • Establish legal liability – Inform employees of what would represent a fireable offense.
  • Policy is a living document – review it frequently
  • Think before posting – it is impossible to know who is reading your blog. Blogs are persistent and final

On that last point, it is more than true. Very recently, a friend was a top candidate for what was in many ways, a dream job. The organization checked out some of the posts on his blog and was less than happy with several of his thoughts. He did not receive that particular position (although was offered another one).

Some of Matt’s thoughts on the strategy side of things –

  • Businesses may not be ready to blog – They must consider how to manage cultural change. Blog only if it helps meet certain goals.

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