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BBS05 - Blogging and Feeds Legitimized

To keep it simple, here is what you should take away from the Microsoft keynote this morning – blogging and feeds are officially legitimized. Microsoft is in the technology business. Sure, their approach is almost exclusively proprietary. Sure, their motive is related to their bottom line. But if they are “betting big on bloggers and RSS”, you can rest assured that they have thought this move through. Even if you are not a fan of Microsoft, when they do move, the marketplace changes.

Dean Hachamovitch, the General Manager of the IE team, clearly articulated the business case behind blogging and feeds in today’s keynote address –

  • To turn your customers into evangelists and get them to give you their opinions, thoughts, and feedback on your products or services.
  • To clearly articulate your views.
  • To allow interested parties to subscribe to your content.

BBS attendees are on the bleeding edge. Microsoft’s Windows Vista and IE7 will more than prove the place of blogging and feeds for mainstream users. In the meantime, it is our job to bring everyone else up to speed.

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