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Basecamp Integrates with Harvest

In a world of more focused or niche based web services such as Harvest, integrations are going to continue to be key (as I’ve noted in the past).

Time tracking tool Harvest is now integrating with Basecamp. From the Harvest Gazette:

If your organization currently uses Basecamp in conjunction with Harvest for time tracking, things just got a whole lot easier. Harvest admins can now avoid any form of double-entry when it comes to setting up users, clients, or projects. Simply pick the people or projects you’d like to import from Basecamp and you are ready to go. Imported users will receive an automatically-generated Harvest welcome message along with their temporary password.

Basecamp is in many ways set to be what SalesForce’s AppExchange is becoming in the CRM space – one of the definitive places for project management based integrations.

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