App Savvy

As promised, there are some goodies to help you along with the book. Before I point you to those, however, consider several other options to also keep you app savvy:

Keep up to date with my podcast and writing.

Check out my tweets and LinkedIn shares.


The entirety of the resources referenced in the book are listed below. Use them when you are specifically pointed here from the book itself.


The research worksheet helps you organize the information you gathered while quantifying your app.

Research Worksheet


The cost estimate worksheet helps you quickly calculate total costs based on design and development hour estimates and potential contractors’ hourly rates.

Cost Estimate Worksheet

The contractor form example shows you a form I created using Google Docs when soliciting developers for one of my apps. You should create a similar form based on your own needs. You can then point your contractors to the form produced (as shown in this example), so that you can solicit contractors with a simple link and more easily compare their responses against each other.

Contractor Form Example


The roadmap template is a simple way for you to organize your “1.0” features and capture the remaining ones on your “backlog.”

Roadmap Template


If you are looking for more hands-on help, get in touch with me. I offer both coaching and full-service development options.