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App Savvy - My Step-by-Step O'Reilly Book for Creating iPhone / iPad Apps

I haven’t written about it much here but if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been working on my first book, an iPhone and iPad strategy and marketing book called App Savvy (O’Reilly). Well, today is launch day and since it’s no longer just a pipe dream, I’m happy to share more about it.

Why App Savvy?

App Savvy started with a simple vision: be the guide for launching iPhone and iPad apps. There are many iPhone and iPad books available but the large majority of them are focused on design and development. Even ones that are more business-centric are simply not written by applying a disciplined and practical approach to building iPhone and iPad apps…because other authors do not have that background.

After working with new ventures and startups for the last decade as a product strategist, I successfully applied the principles I used in that work to the App Store. That approach is why I’ve been to create apps that are still bestsellers a year after their launch, even with 300,000 apps available. I don’t write that to gloat but to share that the process in App Savvy is not a framework provided by an author but rather a field guide detailed by a practitioner.

In addition, because I know I don’t have the market cornered on a proven approach to creating apps, I interviewed close to thirty of today’s best app creators including Smule, tap tap tap, Tapbots, Sophia Teutschler, and Mike Rundle. The full list of interviews and table of contents is available on the App Savvy website.

Who needs App Savvy?

The focus of App Savvy appeals to a broad audience including entrepreneurs, marketers, product managers, designers, and developers alike, across various industries. It’s possible that a solopreneur could use to it help estimate development costs and hire a team. But a developer may also want insight on the business, strategy, and marketing side of apps. Similarly, someone in a corporate setting may look to the book for assistance with concepts like beta testing and how to actually submit an app to Apple.

Advanced reviewers have told me and written that the reason they love App Savvy is because the content is immediately practical. It’s not a treatise on apps and it’s not meant to convince you apps are important. It’s a step-by-step guide for how to take an idea, vet it, and incorporate customers-from the outset-to make it successful.

How You Can Help

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you know that I’ve never asked for much…today, I could use your support. Whether you buy a book or not (please do!), blog posts, tweets, Facebook likes, Amazon reviews, and similar contributions are extremely important for App Savvy to be successful.

Here are some of the key links:

Early Reviews

While I’ll be updating reviews more regularly on my book website, here are a handful of early reviews:

Humbled Thanks

Writing App Savvy would not have been possible without many people’s help. I can’t detail that here (I had a hard enough time in the Acknowledgments) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that writing this book was a sacrifice and labor of love for many others besides me. For that and for any part you’ve had in helping get it into people’s hands, during the production process or now, with it available to the public, I’m extremely humbled and grateful.

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