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Another Kind of Offline Gmail - Suggest a Labs feature

Hi Gmail users…one feature absent unless using a desktop client is

to prevent new mail from coming into an inbox.

We all have tons of important notes, files, etc. in an inbox, so it is

hard to completely close it even when work must absolutely be done and

we need no distractions.

I’d like to see a feature where you could toggle allowing new mail

from arriving. I wrote a blog post about it some time ago —


Hope to see the awesome Gmail Labs team tackle this one soon!

No one seems to want to take me up on building a Gmail Labs feature to implement a similar function to “Work Offline” in Outlook. The point is to stop mail from coming in but still have access to the inbox.

The only way to do this right now is to kill all network connections. Not sure why people don’t think this would be useful…do you?

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