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And now, some blog soul searching

Over the last several weeks and perhaps even the last several months, I’ve done some blog soul searching and one particular question keeps coming up, “What’s the point of this blog?” It is a question I’ve asked before. I guess I should start by looking at what it has done for me this past year (or nearly so).

I’ve been able to point to this blog as a place where I demonstrate expertise on various Internet and web related topics. My blog and in some cases the connections I’ve made through it, helped get me my gig at Corante and allowed me to become an Expert Author at WebProNews. I’ve also recently been published at TCS Daily.

I’ve also gotten leads and clients from my blog. Only once have I ever invested into advertising.

I also have been lucky enough to generally write about anything I’ve found interesting in the world of Internet and web technology. Although, that has pulled me off course some time, I think I’ve generally stayed on point.

But things have changed over this last year. With more work, I have more responsibilities now and less time. I have different goals or rather my goals have more clarity.

As it currently stands, I’m not a professional blogger or writer, although that may be in my career path at some point. And as much as I’d love to blog (or write) on any number of topics I currently have in my queue of ideas, doing so really wouldn’t help me achieve my goals.

Looking at my FeedBurner stats, I’m pretty amazed at the number of people reading what I write about. And at the same time, I realize that I’m still a small fish in a big pond. More importantly, while I’m ecstatic of the readers I have now, many of the people reading my stuff aren’t necessarily those who I’m trying to reach. The reader I’m interested in doesn’t have a clue what RSS is even about. My writing doesn’t always reflect that or rather the way it is presented doesn’t. I’m thinking about ways to better present information to those types of visitors.

I think many bloggers consumed with eyeballs, stats, being referenced by other bloggers, etc., have really forgotten what blogging is all about. It allows people to publish something for the world to see, even without knowing how to use HTML. It allows someone to share ideas on their own terms and not by being guilted by the Tyranny of the Blogosphere.

Blogging is so great because it is so easy. But that ease of publishing also often makes people feel guilty about not blogging. As I’ve thought about this paradox, I considered how business writing has been done to this point. Take as one example an e-newsletter. With the amount of thought that goes into each one of them, it would be relatively absurd to expect daily or even tri-weekly commentary that is actually insightful. Yet so many strive to achieve such output.

My purpose with this blog is not to cover the memes. It’s not to report every new announcement by Google or Yahoo! or to cover every Web 2.0 company. And unfortunately, it’s not even to explore every idea that I think is worthy to write about.

This blog is a place to find valuable insight and commentary. That might not happen on a daily basis. It might not even happen once a week. I don’t know what it is going to look like just yet but changes are in motion. If you have any ideas based on what you just read, feel free to share them. Otherwise, I hope you are up for the ride.

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