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Amazon's Appstore for Android - From Eight Steps to None

Justin Williams previously pointed out the tediousness of getting Amazon’s new Appstore installed on Android devices. That process will hopefully fade in time, as Kevin Tofel reports:

Amazon’s Appstore for Android apps will be pre-loaded on its first phone in April, according to Cellular South, a regional U.S. mobile operator. The HTC Merge handset, a 3.8-inch device with slide-out QWERTY keyboard, is likely the first of many phones that will come with Amazon’s app market, saving customers from following a multi-step installation process. Amazon debuted its AppStore earlier in March and offers a free application each day for Android device owners.

The Amazon Appstore is interesting on several fronts but what really intrigues me is how it will play into Amazon’s larger mobile strategy. For example, would an Amazon tablet be powered by Android? With this level of investment, it would be a natural course. Justin seems to agree and also has some thoughts on the topic of the Amazon tablet.

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