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Always-on - We're Still Learning

“We’ve been in a crazy, experimental overload period with online social media for the last two or three years – but I think people are now beginning to figure out a more balanced role these tools play in their lives,” he said. “A lot of people I know are reaching that inflection point with social tools.”

Clive Thompson

Nick Bilton had a nice thought earlier this month-One Step Back From the Digital World-that included some anecdotes about how we, as a society, are adopting to our hyper-connected world. I saw the writing on the wall (not the Facebook but the proverbial one) quite some time ago but we’ve come so far since that time, especially with the advancements in mobile devices and mobile software these last few years.

What I found interesting about this particular quote is that we sometimes forget we’re still at the beginning of our always-on existence. We really don’t know how hyper-connectivity is affecting us, we can only surmise. While perhaps not knowing exactly how it’s changing us, there’s at least an admission that there indeed is an affect…and a desire to reduce it.

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