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Add Tasks to Google Calendar (and Other Cool Things Remember the Milk Does)

If you are interested in adding tasks or to do’s to your Google Calendar, Remember the Milk is probably going to make your day. I’ve gone back and forth on my To Do list manager for quite some time but I recently converted back to Remember the Milk from Wallnote, after reading about their integration with Google Calendar.

Remember the Milk (RTM) has a very slick way to add tasks (“to-do’s”) into Google Calendar. It’s not exactly perfect from my perspective but it’s nice. By adding their calendar module into Google Calendar, you have the ability to view and manage date (and non-date) specific tasks.

After adding the RTM module, you’ll find a little blue circle with a check in the middle of it on every day of your calendar. Simply click it and it expands to show your tasks for the day. You can also add new tasks (to your various lists), set their priorities, and mark them as complete.

My biggest qualm with RTM to this point is that I find their task management to be annoying. Wallnote on the other end is a very scaled back task/to-do list manager but allows you to quickly drag-and-drop your to-do items via AJAX. I e-mailed RTM about this annoyance and I received a note back from Emily Boyd thanking me for my feedback (hopefully they’ll actually role it out at some point). Another thing to improve is assigning the date to a task. While in RTM, you have to type the date instead of selecting it from a calendar drop down. Of course, if you are using it in Google Calendar, that sort of solves the problem.

I’m also becoming a big fan of the mobile version of RTM. You can access it at http://m.rememberthemilk.com from you cell phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate with the local to do list manager of my Nokia E61 but I’m working through that.

Finally, a bonus feature from me. You can add RTM as a bubble module and get easy access to your To Do list all day long by simply pulling it up from your taskbar.

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