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A Simple Look at Web Strategy

After asking the question Do you have a Web Strategy?, I thought it was important to give a closer look at what the term really means.

My first post on the Viget Labs blog is entitled Defining Web Strategy. Here is the definition I came up with:

An organization’s web strategy is an actionable plan devised to achieve measurable results on the web. “Measurable results” require a web proprietor to have a specific goal (or set of goals) in mind for their web presence. The actionable plan provides recommendations based on these goals by analyzing web presence and web data in relation to effectiveness with all web stakeholders.

Or as I put more simply: “web strategy is your plan to achieve what you consider success on the web.”

One of the things I am hoping to do is create a list of the various best practices and tools that can be utilized to execute web strategy. That list would likely consist of web analytics, SEO, etc.

Any thoughts as to what should be included?

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