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A Brief RSS Introduction

Many companies, organizations, and websurfers are still oblivious to RSS. Here at TECHNOSIGHT, we want you to realize the benefits of this technology.

Mainstream news outlets are learning that without RSS they will be left in the dust. But what is all the hype about?

Andy Ihnatko wrote a great introduction to RSS in the Chicago Sun-Times that you need to read. A couple of highlights follow below:

In early 1992, you could have read the entire World Wide Web in one morning. Today, you can waste the exact same amount of time just disposing of pop-up invitations to punch a monkey.

Even keeping on top of just one major news site can be a challenge. You’ve got hundreds of sites bookmarked, but which ones have been updated since the last time you visited them? And is the new stuff actually worth your time?

Thank God for RSS. Short for Really Simple Syndication or possibly Rich Site Summary (it was such a good idea that the Internet community couldn’t wait to settle on an acronym), it’s a standard for summarizing a Web site’s contents into a file, to make items of interest easy to find and view.

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