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9 Digital Resolutions to Stop for 2009

I don’t know if these resolutions are specific for 2009. Nonetheless, I’m submitting them to the larger “blogosphere,” early technology adopters, teenagers, and anyone that heavily relies on or includes digital technology in their daily lives:

1. Stop texting / playing with your cell phone when you are with out with friends or family, eating with anyone, or engaged in any real world face-to-face conversation.

Or just go hang out with the people you are texting since they are apparently more important / interesting.

2. Stop hiding behind text messaging / e-mail / IM to do your “dirty work.”

Don’t use text / e-mail / IM to break-up with people, have extended conversations, or do anything where you should either pick up the phone or meet face-to-face.

3. Stop relying on Facebook or other social networks as the record of life.

Don’t try to interpret messages, photos, or status updates to make conclusions about people and their relationships.

4. Stop blogging / tweeting about Twitter.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how many times someone retweets your tweet, or to have a public log of everything you do each day.

5. Stop having public person-to-person conversations on the Internet.

There is simply no reason to write more than one message on a “wall” or blog, that is specific to a person. No one cares about your personal exchanges and you likely are going to get burned by having extended private discussions indexed on the public Internet.

6. Stop blogging / FriendFeeding about FriendFeed.

Friends don’t let friends FriendFeed about FriendFeed.

7. Stop TiVo’ing / DVR’ing the same old tired TV shows.

Imagine this…you TiVo a show that will actually teach you something.

8. Stop thinking the Internet is all about YOU.

It’s actually not just about your tweets, your “personal brand,” your authority, your blog, your expertise, your links, the number of your followers, etc.

9. Stop spending so much time in your virtual world.

Facebook, e-mail, MySpace, FriendFeed, cell phones, Twitter, DVR, iPhone apps, etc…go meet your neighbors!

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