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7 Ways to Successfully Pitch Bloggers

I get “pitched” throughout the week to write about different product releases or updates. Over the past few months, a growing number of these pitches have been less grassroot efforts and more professional and PR like. And many of them have not been good.

While I admit I am somewhat of a snob when it comes to what I choose write about (e.g., I typically won’t write about a service I don’t like), I don’t think I am too dissimilar from many other bloggers. I also think there are some best practices to be followed. So, without further ado, I present 7 Ways to Successfully Pitch Bloggers:

1. Avoid Form E-mails
I realize you are trying to be efficient in your work but a copy-and-paste switch out the name e-mail is evident from a mile away. Don’t expect me or any other blogger to pay any serious attention to your pitch if you think we are just another blogger who can get you a link and some traffic.

2. Do your HW
If you want to know what a blogger is truly interested in covering, then browse through their Archives or search their site. You can also read their About page. To simply note, “I see you are interested in the web so I thought I would contact you.” is a waste of a sentence.

3. Stroke the Blego
Bloggers have egos, better known as a “blego” (blogger ego). If you really want to impress a blogger, talk about a recent post they wrote. Stroking the blego will definitely win you brownies points and increase the likelihood that they will write about you.

4. Provide Exclusivity
If you want to wine-and-dine the blego, then give your bloggers access to the private beta launch of your service or invite them to become part of your “street team”. Make bloggers feel valued and they will get excited about your company (or client’s company, as it may be).

5. Promote a Sense of Dialogue
Don’t let your pitch live in its own world. Ensure that bloggers know that they have the option to follow-up and who they can contact.

6. Keep it Short and Simple
We are all busy people. Get to the crux what you want to communicate…fast.

7. Build Something that Rocks
That is a tough one because it is likely out of the hands of someone sending a pitch. But there is no better way to win a blogger over then to inform them about a product, service, or website that absolutely rocks. It sells itself.

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