Brenthaven ProStyle SlimPack

With the new MacBook Pro launching, a couple of my bags were made obsolete. Additionally, since this laptop is about 50% heavier than my MacBook Air, I decided to go with a backpack. The issue is that I still wanted the slimness offered in a messenger bag and that’s why I’m glad I found the Brenthaven ProStyle SlimPack.

While not putting this bag through the daily grind yet, I did a quick video review showing the gear it can hold. Inside the bag, I was able to fit the following, which is pretty amazing considering how thin this backpack is:

  • One iPad 3
  • One hardback book
  • One MBP power adapter
  • One PlugBug w/iOS charging cable
  • One Verizon MiFi
  • Two pens and one highlighter
  • One set of earbuds

Link ↗